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SNL parodies Nike with leggings made for chillin’

Because runners are chillers, too

Nike Pro has been a go-to line for runners’ workout clothes for years. But recently, they expanded their line, creating clothes for recovering as hard as you train. Introducing: Nike Pro Chiller. This line is designed for endurance, but also for things like watching Netflix, eating snacks and napping–all important aspects of post-run recovery.

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These leggings aren’t real. They’re an SNL parody of a Nike women’s commercial. The sketch initially ran in 2019, but it’s never been more applicable than now, as most people are getting ample use out of their leggings for both running and chilling. SNL recirculated the video on Instagram on Monday.


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The commercial is hilarious, but the one place where they miss the mark is making their runner character distinct from their chiller character. What they don’t know is that runners are actually the ultimate chillers.

Couch panini

Runners spend a lot of their weekend in a position that Aidy Bryant describes as the “couch panini” (couch, plus blanket, plus laptop, equals couch panini). Once their run is done, it’s time for a new set of sports pants (now they can use the Nike Pro Chiller), Netflix and a solid session of internet surfing.

Bagel order

After assuming the panini position, Bryant receives a bagel delivery. Every runner knows that the post-run bagel is an essential element of any good day of mileage.

My FitBit thinks I’m dead

Kate McKinnon says, due to her inactivity, her FitBit thinks she has died.Β And honestly, if it is a runner’s off day, there’s a chance their FitBit thinks they’ve died too. Because as every good runner knows, to run fast, you’ve got to recover fast also.