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Strava adds monthly stats recap with latest update

Users loved the app's personalized Year in Sport report, and Strava is now making that a monthly occurrence

Photo by: Strava

At the end of 2020, Strava published its annual Year in Sport report with general stats collected from the app’s more than 70 million users, each of whom also received a personalized report from the previous 12 months. The My Year in Sport recap was a huge hit, and Strava has announced that starting this month, premium users will be able to view their monthly stats in similar reports.


My Month in Sport

In case you’ve forgotten what was included in the My Year in Sport report, it gave athletes a bunch of personalized info. Users saw how many days they were active and Strava broke these activities down, outlining which sports took up the most of each athlete’s time. The report also included total time active, and of course how far each user ran, cycled, paddled and moved.

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Strava users could also see how much elevation they gained throughout the year, their longest activities and much more. The monthly statistics report promises to be much of the same, and premium users will be able to see how well they perform every few weeks and compare their stats to previous months.

Why should you care?

At first glance, a monthly report might not seem all that important, but after you get a few months of these stats filed away, you’ll be able to monitor your training consistency with ease. Yes, you could have done that in the app before, but these reports will be compiled for you, and they’ll be one click away.

Photo: Strava

If you run 200K one month and 150K the next, you’ll see the difference right away, and if this comes as a surprise to you, you’ll be able to review your month in more detail to find out why you experienced such a drop in activity. On the other hand, maybe you’ll jump in mileage as the months progress and the weather gets nicer. Whatever the case, you’ll have personalized stats at your fingertips wherever you go.

Finally, these monthly reports could motivate users. If you have a great few weeks of training, you’ll be reminded of it as you enter the next month, which can boost your confidence and inspire you to keep that momentum going. With the return of in-person races still a while away, we need to take every chance we get to celebrate our accomplishments, as this will help us continue with our training until races finally do make a comeback. These monthly reports will help fuel those celebrations, so get ready to give yourself a pat on the back when you get your recap at the end of March.

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