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Strava adds video uploads feature in latest update

Is this Strava's coolest update yet?

Photo by: Strava

Who needs to upload running content on TikTok or Instagram, when you can now do it all on one app? Strava, the popular social media app for athletes, is now adding 30-second videos in a rollout of their new update. 

The new feature was released in North America on June 15, and all Strava users will be able to see videos before the entire platform releases the upload tool worldwide in the coming weeks.

There is no limit on how many videos users can upload to an activity.

Video clips can be up to 30 seconds long and can be added directly via activity uploads. There’s no limit on how many videos you can upload, and the upload tool is similar to the photo upload, which is still available. If the video file is longer than 30 seconds, Strava will automatically trim it to fit.

Landscape and portrait videos are both supported via web and mobile upload. Videos that are uploaded will automatically play auto-looped, which all Strava users can watch and upload for free.

Videos can be up to 30 seconds long and can be added directly via activity uploads.

Although you may be looking forward to uploading videos from your race finishes or hard training sessions, I am looking forward to sharing Gifs and video memes to describe my runs.

Some other cool features in the new update: you can now mention or tag other athletes in an activity description (previously, you could only tag them in the activity itself or mention them in the comments); you can also get an embed code for activity uploads on the web to other online platforms (click “Get Embed Code” in the upper right corner of activity on the web, then paste in in text mode). 

Here’s more info on the new release and some awesome examples of early video uploads on Strava.