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Strava introduces Healthkit for Apple Watches

Syncing workouts with an Apple Watch just got a lot easier with Strava's new Healthkit component

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch users rejoice–the brand has partnered with Strava to produce a new feature called Strava Healthkit that will automatically save and upload activities from your Apple Watch to Strava.

Strava is the largest sports participation platform in the world, so it was already very user-friendly, but it’s even friendlier now that Strava Healthkit has been added to the app.

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Before Healthkit, if athletes wanted to post activities from the Apple Workouts app to Strava, they had to pay for a third-party app called HealthFit that automatically exports Apple Workout files to Strava. Athletes could also do it the other way around, first recording their activities on Strava and then logging them on their Apple Watch manually.

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All you have to do is head to your Strava profile in the app and click the ‘Settings’ button. Next, hit ‘Applications, Services, and Devices’ and pick the Health app. Then you just connect your Health app with your Strava account and you won’t have to worry about syncing your workouts any more. Just go out for your run and when you get back, Strava will have the whole route recorded, so you’ll never miss out on any CRs or PBs.