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Strava launches a game-changing update

Strava expands with all-new 'Points of Interest' feature

Strava Segments

Strava expanded its Maps tool this week with a cool new feature called ‘Points of Interest’. This new feature aims to help runners plan where to go on their run and how to find nearby essentials (i.e., cafes, restaurants and running stores) while on the move.

When you plan a route, the maps feature now shows points of interest on your run – including peaks, landmarks, photo spots, stores, plus popular running routes. Runners in need of a pit stop, bathroom break or water refill can reroute themselves to a certain location via the maps tab.

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Strava launched this feature in collaboration with Open Street Maps, a free editable geographic database of the world. They applied the maps database to their global heatmap of 95 million athletes, identifying the most popular spots and locations in each community.

The Georgia Scoop route. Photo: Strava/Andrew Highsmith

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The Points of Interest feature is now available for all athletes who use the app, with no premium subscription required. It is accessible on the web via the Routes page, and on mobile through the Maps tab.