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The food and drink most mentioned on Strava in 2017

Coffee is the winner, according to the fitness tracker website and mobile app

Food Trends

Do you run for beer? Coffee? Perhaps pizza?

Well, according to Strava, coffee wins. Strava, an online activity platform where users upload runs, rides, swims and more, lists coffee as the food or drink mentioned the most on the social media platform.

In 2017, beer was mentioned (within the title of an activity) 149,055 times, more than that of the next closest food or drink. Beer was mentioned 111,944 times.

Top 10

Strava released the data in its “Year In Sport” report.

On the topic of food and drink, according to Strava, there was a 39 per cent increase in the amount of attempted beer miles in 2017. The beer mile is four laps of a standard 400m track with the requirement of chugging one 355 mL beer of five per cent alcohol prior to the start of each lap.

Editor’s note: this story has been updated to include the latest numbers.