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Strava update to feature graphs to keep you accountable

Seeing your trajectory can help you stay on track to accomplishing your goals

Today, a new version of Strava launches for iOS and Android. The updated version of the app includes drop-down graphs for runners’ weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This is the second recent change to Strava’s goals function, the first coming earlier this year when the app integrated goals into the training tab, allowing subscribers to set goals across multiple sports based on multiple factors (like distance or elevation). This change allows users to visualize their progress, which is a great tool, especially when it comes to long-term goals that can be harder to stay on top of. 


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This update comes days after Strava announced another new feature, statmaps. Statmaps brings coloured lines to the previously orange GPS file that traces your route. This will allow runners to better visualize their training and activities. The colour of your map will change based on several factors: pace, speed, heart rate, elevation, power, time and temperature. 

Photo: Strava

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This new feature is designed to help runners stay accountable, especially during a time when lots of training is done alone – having a visual representation of progress toward your goal can help you stay focused. The new version of the app is available now. 

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