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Strava’s update just made creating Strava art so much easier

Now you can create routes just by swiping your finger

In a new place and not sure where to run? Looking to create some amazing running route art? Strava’s latest update makes planning your workout even easier. The app now allows you to draw an outline of the general spot you want to run, and creates a route for you using Route Builder. 

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The path is assembled from the billions of previous runs and rides that the app has stored. Their database is one of the largest geotagged fitness-data hubs in the world – so they know the places runners should and shouldn’t go. 


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Another benefit of the update is how easy it is to use. By using a touch screen to draw where you want to go, you avoid spending time clicking your way around a map. The new feature will also encourage runners to try some new roads, instead of getting caught in the monotony of the same routes over and over again. 


Finally, if you’re the kind of runner who loves Strava art, you can now draw the exact shape you’re looking to run in almost no time. We look forward to the plethora of holiday-themed routes that runners will create. 

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