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Take a virtual tour of Hayward Field

The $270 million facility is the site of the U.S. Olympic Trials, which start Friday

After much anticipation, the newly renovated Hayward Field finally opened for business this spring, and athletes and track fans alike have been in awe at the jaw-dropping $270 million facility. Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to visit the stadium, however, you’ve likely only gotten to see it from the outside. Thanks to the YouTube channel Sports Dissected, we can now take a tour of the inside of the stadium, and it is equally as spectacular (if not more so) than the outside.

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The inside of the stadium features a 270m oval track with a 140m straight for sprints. 23 feet below ground is the area known as the Vault, where field event athletes can train during the winter months. It includes a pole vault pit, long jump pit, and a netted section for throws. To refuel after their workouts, athletes can head to the Waffle Shop (a tribute to the waffle shoe developed by the program’s original hed coach, Bill Bowerman), where they can get healthy snacks and meals or rehydrate at the Gatorade machines, and can even attend cooking classes to help them stay healthy when they’re at home.

Another unique aspect of the facility is Razor Bill’s Barbershop, where athletes can get their hair done, or even get their nails, hands and feet taken care of at the manicure/pedicure station. Finally, the state-of-the-art team lounge is a place where athletes can relax and hang out, and features ping pong tables and basketball nets where they can have some fun and unwind.

What many will notice above all else throughout the tour is the artwork featured in every room, which pays homage to the Ducks and to the program’s history. This new stadium is a far cry from the historic Hayward Field the track world came to know and love, but the new facility rivals that major stadiums found in Europe and around the world.

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