It’s finally starting to look like summer across Canada and runners are out in full swing. As the weather heats up, the sun gets stronger and the tan lines become more prominent. Some wear their running tan lines as a badge of honour, a symbol of the miles they’ve logged. Others, namely people who have a billion weddings to attend, spend their summer hoping to even out the sports bra lines. Whether you like your running tan lines or not, here’s a run down of the summer look for runners.


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The watch tan

Ahh, the watch tan, a subtle but important part of the summer-runner look. Watch tans can be found on the left or right wrist, depending on the runner’s dominant hand. Watch tans come in all shapes and sizes, depending on how bulky your running companion is.

The sports bra tan

The issue with the sports bra tan is that your sports bra tan can have a sports bra tan. Because there are so many styles to bras, there’s also probably a lot of different patterns on a runner’s back. This tan will be most commonly noticed at weddings, when a runner’s classy outfit will be aesthetically compromised by the racer-back that’s been imprinted on her skin.

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The shorts tan

Melissa Bishop
Photo: TrackTown USA via Twitter

The shorts tan can usually go unnoticed until one of two scenarios arise: a runner has to race or they have to go to the beach. The shorts tan gets exposed when wearing a bathing suit, and again when wearing a racing kit.

The sock tan

While the sock tan can be accentuated by a sloppy run, it’s the first tan line to appear and the last tan line to leave. Don’t forget to sunscreen your ankles, folks.

The “I wore a mesh shirt” tan

If a runner is wearing an extremely thin short or a shirt with small holes, they can end up with a fun polka-dot pattern on their skin. Thankfully this one usually doesn’t stick around for long, unless you really love your mesh running shirt.

The sunglasses tan


The sunglasses tan, also known as the goggle tan, comes from putting on sunglasses and forgetting to sunscreen your face. This result is a raccoon-like look that can be fixed by a few days in a hat.

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