The 9 mid-run thoughts every runner has

The hilarious inner monologue of every runner

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Runners are people who usually don’t mind spending some time in their own head. They’ll hit the trail or road, excited about being in their own brain for a little while. Some runs spark brilliant ideas, and other runs are filled with a bunch of thoughts way too mundane to share with anyone. Here are some of the mundane thoughts that have wandered across every runner’s brain at one point or another while training.

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One line of a song (on repeat)

This is especially true during a hard workout. One line of a song (usually a top 40 style song that you recently heard on the radio) will play through your mind over and over again. You don’t necessarily want it there, but it just won’t go away.

How has it only been two minutes?


On days when your body is a bit beat up, you look down at your watch and hope to see that tons of time has passed, only to find that you’re about two minutes from where you started running.

My gosh, this is lovely


At one point during almost every run, runners take a minute to appreciate their surroundings. Unless the weather or your location is truly terrible, hopefully there’s a least one redeeming quality about your morning miles.

My GPS is probably off


Everyone thinks their watch is broken at least once during a run.

The car got too close


Running on the roads? Most drivers are courteous, but there’s always one who isn’t.

What am I going to eat after this?

Runners are hungry people, so inevitably, their minds go to post-workout food.

Do I know that person?


When you see someone running toward you, there’s always a moment where you think that you might know them. You check out their gear (a tell-tale sign of who they are), and say hello if they’re a friend and give a small wave or smile if they’re not. It’s important to be friendly to your fellow joggers.

A brief zone-out

These are the periods of your run that you don’t remember after. These are the minutes where your legs are on complete auto-pilot.

I need a washroom ASAP

This thought doesn’t need to be explained, but we do hope that you found what you needed.