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The best running moments from other sports

In most sports, athletes have to run, and sometimes they run really well

Running is a main component of most sports. The faster the athlete, the better they’re likely to be at what they do. With so many athletes doubling as great runners, sometimes they can produce extraordinary feats that rival those whose sole focus is running. Here are a few of the best running moments from other sports in the last few years.

James Harrison — 100-yard touchdown run

With just 18 seconds remaining in the first half of Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, the Pittsburgh Steelers led the Arizona Cardinals 10-7. The Cardinals were in scoring position, and looking to take the lead before halftime. Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner took the snap and threw to wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

It looked like a good play and a sure touchdown, but the pass was intercepted by James Harrison, a Steelers linebacker. He ran 100 yards, receiving help from teammates who blocked oncoming Cardinals, for the touchdown.

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At the time, the run was the longest touchdown play in Super Bowl history (it has since been broken), and afterwards, Harrison lay in the end zone, completely exhausted, and needed an oxygen mask on the sidelines to fully recover. Pittsburgh went on to win 27-23.

Lebron James — 2016 NBA Finals block

In Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors were tied at 89 with under two minutes to go. Golden State’s Andre Iguodala received a pass from teammate Steph Curry with a clear lane to the basket and almost certainly the lead. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Cleveland’s Lebron James chased Iguodala down and blocked his shot.

After the Finals, James’s play was broken down on ESPN’s Sport Science segment. When he started his chase, James was 88 feet away from the basket, and he covered the first 60 feet in 2.67 seconds. Lebron maxed out at 20.1 miles (32.3 kilometres) per hour en route to making the game-saving block. Cleveland won the game 93-89.

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Chris Froome — 2016 Tour de France 

In 2016, Chris Froome was atop the leaderboard at the Tour de France. Near the end of the 12th stage (of 21 total), disaster struck as Froome and several other riders crashed into a motorbike. Froome’s bike was damaged in the incident, and his team car wasn’t nearby to give him a replacement.

Instead of waiting for a new ride or throwing in the towel altogether, Froome began to run uphill to stay as close to the leaders as he could. He ran until his team got him a replacement ride. A week later, he won the Tour de France.

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Robert Harting — Discus celebration 

After winning the gold medal in the men’s discus at the London 2012 Olympics, Germany’s Robert Harting took his celebration to the track. With the German flag waving behind him, Harting ran along the edge of the 110m hurdles course, which was in the process of being set up.

Sure, it wasn’t a running moment in competition, and yes, Harting would have been disqualified (he only cleared the hurdles with one leg and kept the other off to the side), but it was still fun to see. He didn’t knock a single hurdle down, so that was a bonus.