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The most recent winner of The Bachelorette is a runner

Zac Clark is the winner of the 16th season of the hit reality show 'The Bachelorette,' and he has also run the New York City Marathon multiple times

Photo by: Zac Clark/Instagram

Does running make you more loveable? We may be too biased to answer that question objectively, but we can’t stop ourselves from thinking running may have helped Zac Clark steal the heart of the most recent bachelorette, Tayshia Adams. Runners everywhere who are fans of the show were excited to find out that Clark, the winner of the most recent season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, is an avid runner who has completed the New York City Marathon six times.

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Who is Zac Clark?

The 36-year-old New Jersey native played baseball in college and initially intended to have a career in sports. Clark struggled with alcohol addiction and drug abuse beginning at a very young age, which brought him to voluntarily having his gallbladder removed in order to get his hands on prescription drugs. After being arrested for the possession of crack cocaine and driving while intoxicated, Clark spent four and a half months in a treatment centre.

He has now been sober for many years, and he has opened three different transitional living facilities to help recovering addicts throughout the New York City area. His life’s purpose has become dedicated to helping people get back on their feet after going through rehab.


Zac Clark: a runner with a cause

According to his Instagram, Clark is an avid runner who has completed the New York City Marathon six times, from 2014 to 2019. Each year, he runs the race as part of the Runwell team, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to replacing addiction with healthy lifestyles. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clark wasn’t able to run the NYC Marathon this year, but he has instead signed up for the NYRR Virtual Resolution Run 5K, in which he is raising money for the Release Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps people get access to addiction treatment.

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Of course, we know you’re all wondering how fast this guy can run, and don’t worry, we did the sleuthing, so you don’t have to. His fastest performance was his first in 2014 when he ran 3:48, while his most recent time from the 2019 event was 4:04. Here’s the breakdown of his finishing times over the years:

2014: 3:48

2015: 3:54

2016: 4:04

2017: 4:09

2018: 4:14

2019: 4:04

Whether you’re a fan of The Bachelorette or not, we can’t help but think that Adams made the right choice. After all, who wouldn’t want to date a runner, right?

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