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The ultimate group run faux pas

The seven unwritten rules of the group run

As with any sport, there’s a certain etiquette that runners are expected to follow during a group practice. Some of these social norms are obvious, and others are a little more obscure and learned as people get to know their training partners. If you’re an avid group runner, or belong to a team, below are seven things that have certainly frustrated you before (and a few you might be guilty of yourself).

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Constant bathroom breaks

Runners: you get one bathroom break per run. That’s reasonable. Multiple bathroom stops over the course of a 75 minute run is too much stoppage.

Shoes that are always coming undone

Shoelaces come undone sometimes, but like bathroom stops, you get one shoelace break. If your laces are coming undone more than once per run, you need to go to triple-knotting (or velcro).

Consistent tardiness

Life happens, so sometimes people are running late and that’s entirely normal. However, chronic tardiness is a pain for your training partners. If you’re meeting for a Saturday morning run, it’s unlikely that this was the only thing on everyone’s calendar. Try your best to be on time (setting your alarm five minutes earlier makes a big difference).


This is also called two-stepping. No one likes a two-stepper, or a pace-pusher. Run the pace your group agreed on, especially if it’s a recovery day.

The sub-category of the two-stepper is the GPS-arguer. Not everyone’s GPS is going to get the exact same distance and pace for the run, and that’s alright.

All the excuses

There are days when everyone feels a little rough. Instead of making excuses, just ask your group to slow down a little bit. Odds are they won’t mind at all, and it’ll make everyone’s run a little better.

Better yet, if you’re really feeling rough, maybe make it a cross-training day or a solo run so you’ll stick to a pace that makes sense for you.

Changing the route

If your group decide on a route ahead of time, don’t be the person who always needs to change it. Just go with the flow.

Listening to music

If you’re opting to run with a bunch of people, why are you also opting to use headphones? Make a new friend, ask someone about their life, leave the beats at home.

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