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There’s a jogging stroller for dogs who hate running

Doggy joggers are a real thing, and here's why they might not be a terrible idea

Dogs are many runners’ best friends. They can make great training partners who are always supportive and excited about going for a run. But what if your dog (who is wonderful in so many other ways, we’re sure) just isn’t a runner? We’ve got a solution for you. The doggy jogging stroller is made to carry your dog while you push and run. Designed with sedentary dogs in mind, these strollers have it all: sun protection, mesh enclosures and storage for their stuff.

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At first glance, these strollers seem pretty ridiculous. However, as with most things, there just might be a time and place for them. For the record, we think baby joggers built for running are awesome and in the right context, we’re on board for doggy joggers as well. Here’s why.

There’s a huge market for these

You can’t argue with demand. As it turns out, there are hundreds of these strollers made by various companies and sold by major retailers like Walmart and Wayfair. The doggy jogger, specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of running while pushing a dog, is surprisingly popular.


Scenarios where they could be beneficial

This stroller is for the runner whose dog can’t keep up with them, isn’t good on a leash or has a physical ailment that’s limiting their mobility. There are scenarios where this stroller (no matter how ridiculous it looks) could make sense.

Runners themselves can also benefit (especially on hot days) from the lower basket, which can hold water, sunscreen and discarded layers. Running with a stroller is also built-in resistance training, so if you’re looking to get strong faster, this is one way to do it.

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It can take a while to turn your dog into a good training partner

If you’re planning to run with your dog, remember to plan water breaks, and don’t make your loop too long. You wouldn’t want to end up with a very tired and dehydrated furry friend. Also, if your dog is new to running, remember to increase their mileage slowly, just like you would as a human.

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While the doggy jogger looks unorthodox, the more people running, the better (even if that means making your canine play baby for an hour).