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This American teenager has run 100 marathons

17-year-old Calix Fattmann of Ozark, Missouri is, unofficially, the youngest person ever to run 100 marathons

On New Year’s Day, Calix Fattmann of Ozark, Missouri ran his 100th marathon. Which is not so unusual, except that Calix Fattmann is 17 years old. That’s right–the teenager from Ozark, Missouri, who is not yet old enough to vote (or drink) has already crossed the finish line of 100 marathons.

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We admit we were skeptical at first. But his stats check out. Calix ran 3:44:58 in October 2018 at the Kansas City Marathon (which his father, Ken Fattmann, says is his personal best), but he treats many of the races he enters as social or training runs. For example he ran his 99th marathon on December 29 in 5:25:12. This may be why he’s been able to run very frequent marathons (occasionally as often as every few days) since he was practically in diapers.

Calix told local TV station KOLR-10 he started running when he was five, and ran his first half-marathon at 10. That year he ran 52 half-marathons. He races mostly at small, local events. We found results dating back to 2014 (when Calix was 12), showing numerous marathons, half-marathons and shorter races, including the Missoula Marathon on July 13, 2014, where he finished in 5:54:57.

Calix was inspired to run by his dad, who is himself a marathoner and triathlete, and who used to take little Calix with him to play by the track while he did his workouts. 

The Guinness organization confirmed that they have received Calix’s application for the title of Youngest Runner to Complete 100 Marathons (Male). There are strict guidelines on how record attempts must be documented, and the process of reviewing the application can take up to several months. If he is successful, Calix will be the first holder of this record. 

The corresponding record for a female is held by Elizabeth Tunna of the UK. Tunna was 24 when she completed her 100th marathon in Chester, England in 2011.

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