Many runners have either completed or are about about to complete their fall goal race. The major fall marathons are done, and the cross-country season is coming to an end. 

Des Linden was sixth at the New York Marathon last weekend. She tweeted on Friday that she’s in the middle of a Netflix marathon and doesn’t want to be interrupted. “This is downtime.”

After a long season, it’s important for runners to spend a few days doing things that aren’t running. This allows the body and the mind to relax and gear up for the next big training block. Downtime is an important aspect of training.

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Below is a list of downtime activities that runners should consider partaking in while they’re not running. 

This is downtime:

Eating junk food. After spending months watching what you eat to ensure good nutrition and proper fueling, there’s nothing better than throwing caution to the wind and enjoying the treats you’ve avoided during training. 


Staying up late. Oh, and also, sleeping in. When you don’t have to wake up for an early morning run or worry about staying rested, your bedtime can be seriously pushed back. 


Marathon your favourite show. Resting your legs is a great excuse to watch every show you’ve ever wanted to–for days on end. 


Dress up. When your day doesn’t include a run commute, practice or sweaty activity, you’re able to actually wear some nice clothes. Your friends and co-workers won’t recognize you when you show up without at least one article of stretchy clothing on. 


Go somewhere. A busy running schedule and general fatigue from the demands of training makes travelling difficult. Now that you’ve got a few days off, take the time to go somewhere. 


Drink. Runners typically stay away from drinking during their season, but downtime is the period where a little indulgence is common. A word of caution, it usually hits pretty hard. 


Consider trying a hobby that isn’t running. If you’re getting antsy during your break, consider taking up a sport or hobby that isn’t running. Maybe even something crazy like exploring the weight room at the gym. 



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