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Tokyo Olympic Athletes Village features cardboard beds

An Olympic first: the athlete's beds will be made into paper products after the games

The upcoming Tokyo Olympics is making a big effort to ensure that the upcoming Games is environmentally responsible. Part of its sustainability initiative involves making the athletes’ beds out of sturdy cardboard.

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Takashi Kitajima, manager of the Athletes Village, told the Associated Press, “Those beds can stand up to 200 kilograms [400 lbs]. They are stronger than wooden beds.”

The single bed frames will reportedly be recycled into paper products following the Games and the mattresses (which thankfully aren’t made of cardboard) into plastic products. This is the first time that a Games has used recyclable beds and bedding. The village will include 18,000 beds spanning 21 towers that overlook Tokyo Bay.


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Canada has already had two qualifiers for the Games, Trevor Hofbauer and Dayna Pidhoresky in the marathon. The rest of the marathon and race walk squad will be named by Athletics Canada in May and the rest of the track and field team on June 28 following the Olympic Trials in Montreal.

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While the sustainability efforts are appreciated, hopefully the comfort level will be acceptable and conducive to high performance.