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Tom Brady isn’t a fan of Tom Brady

The University of Michigan runner may share a name with the football superstar, but he won't be cheering for him during Sunday's Superbowl

University of Michigan runner Tom Brady is used to being compared to the legendary quarterback Tom Brady, and while Brady (the runner) may not be a six-time Superbowl champion, he has demonstrated that he’s a great athlete in his own right. Since choosing to attend U of M, the same school in which the Tom Brady laid the foundation for his prolific football career, the comparisons have only intensified, and although the two athletes do have a few similarities, rooting for the footballer is not one of them.

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As it turns out, the young runner is not a fan of the quarterback. In an interview with ncaa.com, Brady explained that he has, in his words, an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with the Chicago Bears, and for that reason, he will not be cheering for the NFL veteran during Sunday night’s Superbowl.

“Growing up in Chicago, for some reason there’s some kind of rivalry with Tom Brady there. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because he destroys us every time we play him,” Brady said.

He did admit that the quarterback has an incredible work ethic and has been highly successful, so he doesn’t mind the comparisons.

Brady had flown under the radar in the running world until last week, when he ran a career-best 3,000m at the Simmons-Harvey Invitational in a time of 7:58.06, breaking the meet and facility record and running the fastest time in the NCAA this season. Brady’s athletic career is only just beginning, but if it is anything like Brady the football player’s, it is sure to be an exciting one to watch.