Top 8 runner misconceptions

We're setting the record straight

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Running doubles as a fitness activity and a sport. Because of it’s popularity and wide reach, there are a lot of peripheral fans, and therefore, a lot of misconceptions about the sport. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to set the record straight about a few running misunderstandings.

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We all have terrible knees

Every runner has been asked at least once if their knees hurt, or if they have been replaced, or how we have knees at all. The shocking-to-most answer is that knee injuries happen, but no more than any other sport. In fact they’re less common in runners when compared to other sports with lateral motions like hockey, soccer or gymnastics.

We eat really healthy diets


Yes, there are some runner who are into documenting their beautiful vegetable-laden meals, but there are many other examples of runners who live for a burger and a beer. The truth is, we run so much that some ice cream and candy are commonplace in a lot of runner’s diets. This becomes especially true post-marathon, when the junk food cabinet in the kitchen doesn’t stand a chance.

We love being introduced as, “the runner”

At every social engagement it’s not required that we be identified as, “the runner.”

We’ve all run the Boston Marathon

Not every runner has run a marathon, let alone the Boston Marathon. Kudos if you have, but it’s also fine if you haven’t.

The longer you run, the better you are

There’s a big misconception that tons of mileage makes you better. When training for certain events this can be true, but as with all things, there’s a point of diminishing returns.

We’re always running fast


Non-runners think that those who frequently run are always going fast but this just isn’t true. Especially if you’re in the middle of an intense training block, the really easy day is a crucial aspect of training.

Everyone knows each other

Used in a sentence, “My friend Nancy runs all the time, she’s really fast, you must know her.” While the running community is pretty close knit, all runners don’t know each other. There are trail runners, track runner, marathoners, 5K runners and everything in between. The truth is, a 100m sprinter is very unlikely to know your friend Nancy.

We’re all very high energy

Most people assume that because you run you have a limitless supply of energy. Not true. On a weekend, runners have typically used a lot of their energy before noon on training. So come time for afternoon activities, runners can come off as a little lazy, but we’re not, we’ve just already traveled 20K on foot and are in desperate need of a nap.

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