With 2017 winding down, and much of the year’s racing complete, we look back on some of the notable “hold on, wait, what?” moments from the past 12 months.

From cheaters to great finishes, to the just plain wacky, 2017 was a memorable one in the running scene. Here are a few of the more head-scratching scenes, or situations that take a few seconds to process to believe they actually happened, from the year that was.

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Split shorts malfunction

Oh no…

Copenhagen Half-Marathon

Less than ideal racing conditions in Denmark.

The ‘Mad Pooper’

As as we know, she is still on the loose.

Runner takes a second Boston Marathon medal for his wife

The running community was not amused by this crass race faux-pas.

Man chugs 13 beers, completes half-marathon in 1:43

This makes a beer mile look like a pleasant experience.

13.1 miles, 13 Coors Light shotguns, sub 1:45 #IMadeThisDecisionYesterday Video link in description

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Runner’s zip code, race time, bib number and T-shirt all match

We tried calculating the odds. This is just creepy.

Hometown zip code, t-shirt, race number, finishing time — all 33607

Frightening calf cramp appears to have a life of its own

Anyone ever see the film Alien?

Official attempts to block Laura Muir from celebratory lap

She works 70 hour weeks, let the woman take a victory lap for a huge win.

Lead marathoners sprint to the wrong finish line

Running to wrong finish line.

More than 1,000 Boston-qualifying runners accused of cheating at Mexico City Marathon

Michal Kapral breaks three hours in a marathon while juggling, somehow doesn’t drop ball once

Runner caught in elaborate half-marathon cheating scheme

Blue jeans mile rises to fame

Rory Linkletter

Photo: BYU Photo/Courtesy of Rory Linkletter.

U Sports 3,000m mayhem as bell lap sounds 200m early

Eliud Kipchoge shows rival where to run (the tangents) on Berlin roads

Around the Bay 30K top-10 finisher disqualified, removed from results

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