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Toronto chef hopes to cook up a Guinness World Record at Toronto marathon

Daniel Janetos will be aiming to break the current record of 4:07 while fully dressed as a chef which includes a 3 lb pot.

Daniel Janetos of Toronto is looking to cook up a storm on Sunday when he’ll run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon dressed as a chef. He is one of 11 individuals trying to set a Guinness World Record at this year’s event.

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The current record stands at four hours and seven minutes which is a pace of 5:51 per kilometre. In order the break the record, Janetos must run wearing a chef’s jacket and hat as well as a 3lb pot.

Janetos has run one previous marathon and also has a lengthy athletic career playing football, a sport in which he considered going pro.


A self-described “bubble boy” who had numerous allergies as well as asthma as a kid, Janetos admits that he couldn’t even run the length of a football field a few years ago. He’ll cover that distance 384 times on Sunday.

Janetos will also be running in support of a charity, the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation, which his mother started over 30 years ago. As an advocate of animals, Daniel helps people transition from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one that minimizes the consumption of animal products.

Daniel is also a member of ‘Foodrunners‘ a group of chefs trying to challenge stereotypes of the food industry and the unhealthy lives of kitchen staff. They do so by modeling healthy active lifestyles.