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Student-athlete Noah Farrelly dies after being hit by a van on Stony Brook University campus

The freshman at Stony Brook University on Long Island was jogging alone on campus when the incident occurred

18-year-old cross-country runner Noah Farrelly from New York state has died of his injuries after being hit by a van while running on the SUNY Stony Brook campus on Long Island on Tuesday. Earlier we reported that he was in critical condition, but we learned this afternoon from his teammate that he had been taken off life support.


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Farrelly’s teammate, Nick Cipolla, posted news of the accident on Instagram. Farrelly’s account reveals a young man whose passion for running is clearly evident. He was also a basketball fan and plays lacrosse.

Farrelly graduated from Binghamton High School in earlier this year. He was on the cross-country team at Stony Brook. 


Farrelly was jogging on campus at the time, and crossing a street against the light when he was struck. 

We reached his friend and teammate, Nick Cipolla, this afternoon. “We both committed to Stony Brook around the same time, last March, and he reached out to me. Then we met over the summer and competed against each other at state meets,” said Cipolla. “He was very talented. He had a very very bright future ahead of him. He was a smart kid, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I just can’t believe he’s no longer with us.”