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Trail-running podcast host creates job board for runners

Melanson hopes to develop a "centralized hub on the internet for trail and ultrarunners to find industry and industry-adjacent companies and open positions"

If you’ve always longed to find a career that aligns with your love of running (especially trail running), Finn Melanson may have some options for you. Melanson, ultrarunner and host of the Singletrack podcast, has created a website for people seeking jobs in the running industry.

Melanson calls the job board a work in progress, and explains that “every aspect of our sport improves as more talented people decide to invest their life’s work here.” Passionate runners or trail enthusiasts with useful skill sets may still find it challenging to find opportunities in today’s rapidly changing job market, and Melanson hopes to eliminate some of the struggle.

Maine ultrarunner Finn Melanson. Photo: NCM

“There’s been a lot of recent discussion in the ultrarunning world about what it’s going to take to improve the sport, grow the sport and generally get it to a place where it’s more relevant in a 21st century world. I’m attracted to that kind of big picture, forward-thinking and I wanted to lend a hand,” says Melanson. He adds: “Maybe by the mid 21st century, the running industry (and the outdoor industry in general) becomes THE place where people want to invest their intellectual and physical energies. I bet that will generate a lot of laughs, but why not?”

The job board is updated daily, and currently has a variety of openings posted by well-known industry names like Strava, Tracksmith, Training Peaks, and AllTrails.

While the postings are currently largely U.S. based, many have remote options. Melanson asks for employers from locations worldwide to reach out to him and help grow the site. He adds: “A jobs board plays a small role by creating awareness and routing these people to the opportunities available in our community.”

Melanson has plans for expansion: “I envision a day in the near future, to give one example, where an applicant not only sees a job posting for a company like Strava, but also a Youtube link to an interview with a recruiter discussing what they look for in an application, why someone should be interested in working there, and more” he says.

Melanson has experience in marketing from his day job as a low-code technology platform called OutSystems. Both the job board and the Singletrack podcast are passion projects he works on in his free time.