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Trevor Hofbauer on training alone and loving it

The 2017 Canadian marathon champion moved back to Calgary in June and is feeling like himself again

One of Canada’s best distance runners, Trevor Hofbauer is the 2017 Canadian marathon champion and 2018 Canadian half-marathon champion. The 26-year-old has a marathon personal best of 2:18:06. Hofbauer has run two personal bests already this season in both the 8K and 10K on the road, but he’s hungry for more. His half-marathon personal best is from 2015, and it’s begging to be improved upon. 

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This spring, the Canadian champion made the decision to move from Guelph back to his hometown of Calgary. “I flew back with just a suitcase on May 8th, and completely moved out of Guelph by June.” Since his move, Hofbauer feels like himself again. “I’m back immersed in the community and with my family and friends again. Being back home, everything has come together really well.”


The runner says his self-confidence and self-esteem really wavered in Guelph, and that the move has suited him well. “I’m working at Strides Running Store and coaching myself. It’s been cool. I treat myself like a science project and that really motivates me.”

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Hofbauer describes himself as an introvert, and considering he’s self-coached and trains alone 90 per cent of the time, that’s not surprising. “I prefer to be by myself. It allows me to gather my thoughts, align my goals and problem-solve. It’s my quiet time in the day.”

He’ll meet up with other runners for a long run on Sundays, but beyond that, most of his training is done alone. “I always knew I wanted to train alone. I trained by myself for three year until I moved to Guelph. Training with the guys in Guelph was good for motivation, it’s not that I hate training in a group, it’s that I prefer training alone.”

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Hofbauer’s methods appear to be effective. He won the Eastside 10K, and has run two personal bests in 2018, but what he’s really after is a PB in the half-marathon. “In a couple weeks I’m going to go Victoria for the half-marathon. I want to use that as a workout, and then go for it at the Monterey Bay half-marathon in November.”


Hofbauer is looking to run a 1:02 or 1:03 at Monterey Bay. When asked about a Canadian record, he says, “Oh boy. It’s not out of the question, but it isn’t my goal for that day. I’m looking for a PB first.”

There isn’t a marathon on the horizon for the defending Canadian champion in 2018. “Coming back to Calgary I’m trying to find my groove again. I love the half-marathon, and not running a PB in the past three years has been bugging me, so I want to take care of that first. I’m looking to do two marathons next year, and I’m still planning that out.”