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TSN original starring beer miler Corey Bellemore airs today

Today on Sportscentre you can watch a TSN original about Corey Bellemore, the track athlete turned beer mile world record holder

Corey Bellemore

Today on Sportscentre you can watch a TSN original about Corey Bellemore, the beer mile world record holder. In August of 2016, Bellemore broke the beer mile world record running a shocking 4:39. His world record attempt was filmed by a friend, and gained international praise. 

He then boarded a plane and ran at the Beer Mile World Classic in London where he lowered his own unofficial world record by five seconds. Bellemore’s current world record stands at 4:33.60. 

beer mile
Photo: Miloš Savic.

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The TSN original is called The Beast of the Beer Mile and describes Bellemore as, “the Wayne Gretzky of drinking beer and running.” The beer mile is a true marriage of expert running and drinking. To be good, the runner has to be strong at both. 


Canadians knew Bellemore as a strong track athlete, but weren’t aware of his potential as a beer miler until his 2016 attempt. Since 2016, Bellemore has landed an Adidas sponsorship, a place on a Diamond League start line, and triathlete Lionel Sanders as a part-time training partner. 

Corey Bellemore
Photo: Milos Savic.

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Bellemore is fresh off of a training camp in Hawaii with Sanders and will get his fall running season underway with a 10K relay leg in the Detroit Marathon. The runner also plans to race the Athletics Canada national cross-country championships in Kingston this November.