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Tyreek Hill could have done well in the 2016 Olympic 200m final

The nickname "cheetah" has been verified. This video shows how the NFL player could've been competitive in the Rio 2016 200m final

Tyreek Hill is an NFL football player for the Kansas City Chiefs whose nickname is “Cheetah” for his incredible speed. Hill ran track in high school, and that speed is demonstrated in a clip from the 2016 Rio Olympics showing where he would have appeared on the track if he had been in the mix at the 200m final.

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Andre De Grasse finished second to Usain Bolt in that race. The two finished in 20.02 and 19.78 respectively. Hill’s high school 200m time of 20.14 would have placed him sixth in that race, ahead of Lashawn Merritt, Alonso Edward and Ramil Guliyev

Andre De Grasse
Photo: Team Canada via Twitter.

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In 2012, the football player missed the American high school national 200m record by only one hundredth of a second. Noah Lyles holds the current American junior 200m outdoor record at 20.09. 


As every runner knows, races play out, performances are highly variable, and just because you’ve run a time once, doesn’t mean you will do it again. But regardless, Hill’s high school time is very impressive. Who knows what could’ve happened if he had stuck to track?