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Tyreek Hill wants to qualify for the Olympics in running

Hill wants to "show these track guys that football guys used to do this back in high school"

Tyreek Hill, the Kansas City Chiefs’ receiver, will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday and then potentially turn his focus to running. He told reporters ahead of this weekend’s game that making an Olympic team is a possibility for him. As one of the fastest players in the league, he could be a competitive sprinter, but making the Olympics feels like a stretch.

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The football player told reporters on Wednesday, “After this season, if I’m healthy, and my mind is in the right place I might try and qualify for some Olympic teams. Even go to Penn Relays, give that a try. Maybe get a few guys from the team and see if we can put a relay together. And show these track guys that football guys used to do this back in high school.”

One thing to note, while the Penn Relays is a great meet, it’s primarily for high school and college level runners. There are no professional relay sections.


Hill, who’s known as ‘Cheetah’ in the league for his speed, ran a 9.99s 100m in high school. That’s a truly remarkable time, especially for a teenager. But the football player recognizes that his body has changed since then and that he’d need to do some work to get back into his peak running shape. In 2019, a 9.99 would’ve placed him as the sixth-fastest American 100m sprinter, but only three are named to the team.

American 100m rankings from 2019

Christian Coleman – 9.76
Noah Lyles – 9.85
Justin Gatlin – 9.87
Cravon Gillespie – 9.93
Michael Rodgers – 9.97
Isiah Young – 9.99