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Uh oh, Usain Bolt has found the Chicken McNuggets in Rio

Usain Bolt posted on Snapchat that he has found the McDonald's in the Athletes' Village in Rio and has been enjoying Chicken McNuggets.

Usain Bolt McNuggets

Happiness of Pursuit #Rio2016

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Usain Bolt, who can make history at the Rio Olympics if he wins triple gold for the third consecutive Games, has a fondness for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. In 2013, Time reported that Usain Bolt ate 100 McNuggets per day during the 2008 Olympics.

Bolt, who arrived in Rio recently for the Olympics, posted photos and videos on Snapchat of him enjoying a box of Chicken McNuggets in the Athletes’ Village. See here for Bolt’s Snapchat username as he posts regular updates from Rio.

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The fast food chain has been an official Olympic sponsor since 1976. As is the case for all restaurants in the Olympic village, food is free. And while many athletes may opt for fast food after their respective events, Bolt finds comfort in eating McNuggets on the daily while at the Olympics.

According to USA Today, Bolt consumed approximately 1,000 McNuggets during his time in Beijing for the Olympics. That averages to approximately 100 per day. A four-piece set of McNuggets contains approximately 280 calories.

Usain Bolt McNuggets

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One athlete posted the below photo to Instagram showing how busy the McDonald’s in the village has been.

Thought athletes were supposed to eat healthy ? #longestlineever #mcdonalds

A photo posted by Stephanie D-Lovell (@stephsailinglca) on

Bolt, who won gold in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at both of the previous two Olympics, has the chance to accomplish the triple-triple in Rio. He is slated to run all three events for Jamaica and holds the world record in all three sprint events.

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Bolt has been battling injury this season and dropped out of Jamaica’s Olympic Trials with a grade one hamstring tear. He was selected to Jamaica’s Olympic team based on medical exemption but raced in London in late July signalling his return to form.

The 29-year-old posted an earlier photo to Twitter referencing a non-fast food chain meal thanks to a personal chef in Rio.