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Ultrarunning legend Yiannis Kouros’ 72 hour record is beaten

American Joe Fejes bested the Greek runner's mark by just over 10K in an event that began on New Year's Eve.

Joe Fejes went out on New Year’s Eve and did something extraordinary: he set an event record at the Across the Years 72 Hour Run, which takes place annually in Glendale, AZ.

But Fejes whopping amount of distance covered (530.5K) was even more impressive because his record run topped even that of the event’s 24 hour and 48 hour winners.

But what got the ultrarunning community really talking was that Fejes took down a record that was previously held by Yiannis Kouros.

The Greek distance king has become a legend in the ultra community after setting records at a variety of distances and timed events, including 100 miles, 1000K, and the 24 hour and 48 hour continuous runs.

Fejes took down Kouros’ 72 hour record, which is not an official IAAF recognized event, my just over 10K. Fejes’ average pace was 8:08 minutes per kilometre.