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Under Armour presents: The All Out Mile Challenge

Do you think you've got what it takes to improve your mile time in 30 days?

This fall, Under Armour is aiming to inspire thousands of runners around the world to come together and work toward the goal of getting faster. No matter what getting faster means for you, Under Armour is giving you a chance to connect with other runners to achieve your goals. Fitness during the pandemic has proven to be challenging for all, but it has encouraged many runners, nearly 40 per cent nationally, to become more active than they were before the lockdowns. As the pandemic has disrupted many runners’ training and routines, the UA All Out Mile is here to help runners maintain routine by motivating and setting new goals.

What is the UA All Out Mile?

The Under Armour All Out Mile is a challenge to improve your mile time with training plans and tips provided by professional Under Armour athletes and coaches. You can start the challenge by registering here. It’s free to sign up.

After registration, all of your runs will be tracked by linking your UA MapMyRun™ account on FitRankings. 

You can set your benchmark and train for your mile from Aug. 30 to Sept. 30. During the UA All Out Mile week period, go all out and crush your PB between Oct. 1 and Oct. 11. After completing your UA All Out Mile (you can try more than once), your results will automatically be pulled from UA MapMyRun™ and appear on the FitRankings leaderboard, and you can see how you rank against runners from around the world.

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The UA All Out Mile will provide you with the motivation, coaching, and training to run your fastest mile this fall.

Key dates for the UA All Out Mile

Aug. 17 – Registration opens 

Aug. 30 to Sept. 30 – Benchmark & training period

Oct. 1 to Oct. 11 – UA All Out Mile Week – Test your training and give it all you’ve got! 

Join the UA All Out Mile today by registering at http://uaalloutmile.com/