London’s Daily Mail captured Usain Bolt running and drinking champagne during a zero-gravity flight in an Airbus A300 Zero-G plane that took off yesterday from Reims, France. The stunt was designed to showcase a new champagne developed by Mumm and designer Octave de Gaulle suitable for the type of space tourism being promoted by Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin. Bolt ran and cavorted, with much giggling by the photographers and reporters on board.

The plane was fitted out with track lanes on the floor for the purposes of the photo op.

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It’s impossible to pour champagne out of a regular champagne bottle in zero gravity, for reasons that are better explained by the Daily Mail. Thanks to the new bottle design, space tourists will now be able to imbibe and celebrate while enjoying the view. Talk about your first-world problems. Bolt is involved, because, why not? 

Bolt recently began a new career as a soccer player with an Australian team, the Central Coast Mariners.

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