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Usain Bolt ties fastest NFL Combine 40 time while wearing sweats

The retired sprinter's still got it

Usain Bolt

Retired sprinter Usain Bolt casually ran a 4.22 at the Super Bowl Experience in Atlanta yesterday to tie the record for the fastest NFL Combine 40 while wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes. 

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There was much debate on Twitter about the timing method (it was timed manually) and about the relative levels of difficulty of running in football vs. running on the track. Still, it remains a pretty good indicator of just how fast Bolt really is, especially considering, as one tweeter pointed out, Bolt is 32 years old, he hasn’t raced in almost two years, and his most recent tweets involve partying. So he is likely not in tip-top shape. He also appears to have slowed down near the end before hitting the padded barrier.

The 40-yard dash time is something both NFL and college scouts look at when considering a player, for almost any position. The record was set by Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver John Ross in 2017. Forty yards is not a distance that is recognized in track and field.

Bolt, who holds the world record for both the 100m (9.58s), the 200m (19.19s), and the 4x100m, is considered the fastest man in history. He briefly played for an Australian A-league soccer club, but did not accept a contract under terms offered in November 2018.

He also recently launched his own champagne brand in partnership with the South African company G. H. Mumm, to be called Mumm Olympe Rosé. According to a report in Kingston’s The Gleaner, the product mixes cognac with champagne, something that is very popular in Jamaica. Bolt also has his own hot sauce, branded Usain’s Insane Hot Sauce.

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