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Usain Bolt wants to become the world’s next music star

After conquering the world of sprinting and trying his hand at professional soccer, Bolt is getting into the music industry

Usain Bolt Photo by: Team Jamaica

Usain Bolt is one of the world’s most famous athletes, and while his sprinting and Olympic career may be done, he isn’t planning on fading into obscurity anytime soon. Bolt recently dropped a single titled “Living the Dream” with his friend and manager Nugent “NJ” Walker. As the Olympic Channel reported, Bolt told Jamaican radio station Zip 103 FM that he and NJ plan to “not only dominate the Jamaican market but also to get into the international” music market. 

Before you get too excited, we have some bad news: Bolt doesn’t sing in the song, as he took care of the beats and left vocal duties to NJ. They only have the one song out right now, but Bolt told Zip 103 that he and NJ have more music on the way. 

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“We are working on some new rhythms to drop soon,” he said. “Knowing the whole pandemic, we’re not trying to rush anything. We’re taking our time to make sure the music comes out at the right time.” As a sprinter, Bolt had an exciting and busy career that saw him win eight Olympic gold medals and set world records in the 100m (9.58 seconds), 200m (19.19) and 4 x 100m relay (36.84), all of which still haven’t been broken.


His retirement has been just as busy, if not busier, as he started several businesses in Jamaica and spent time pursuing a career in professional soccer in Europe and Australia since leaving the track. He has also recently become a father, and his daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt, will turn one in May. Now, he has yet another interest to keep him busy, but this is far from a hobby for him.

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“We’re just trying to get a foothold, trying to make people understand that we’re not just here joking around,” he said. “We’re serious about the music so we’re just going to take our time. Just like in track and field, it’s all about work and dedicating and just taking our time.”