A group in the U.S. has filed a class-action suit against Vibram, makers of the FiveFingers minimalist shoe, claming the company has used “deceptive” statements about the health benefits of barefoot running.

According to an article on the SportsOneSource.com website, five law firms have filed the suit against both Vibram USA Inc and Vibram FiveFingers LLC in the U.S. District Court in Masschusetts.

“Given that Defendants’ advertising and marketing equates barefoot running with running in FiveFingers, Defendants’ uniform deceptive statements about barefoot running are also deceptive statements about Five Fingers,” the firms say in the suit.

The suit claims the company is using deceptive health benefit claims to promote the shoes. It also asserts that the shoes may increase injury risk compared to conventional running shoes, and even compared to running barefoot. The suit also says there are no well-designed scientific studies to support these health claims.

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  • Gabriel Blouin Genest says:

    Ok, no company whatsoever should make unfounded health claims about their products. But them, what about “regular” running shoes brands that make plenty of health claims about cushioning, stabilization, pronation, etc. without any real science studies backed them up?

    Rather than suing shoes company, maybe we should just try to keep a critical perspective on marketing in general, and foremost, keep running simple!

  • Mike says:

    Just another case of people being lazy and expecting a device or peice of equipment to correct everything for them. I wear Vff’s and yes they are not a quick fix and not for everyone, but I have used them and took my time and I am better now then I ever was in conventional shoes. There is no one fix for all and people need to take resposiblity for their own lives and mistakes. I am sure that a majority of the people that are claiming that the Vff’s hurt them just went out and carried on as usual and did not take the time to work up to where they were.

    Next let’s sue god or evolution for making our feet the way they are cause it is obiviously a flaw if I go and run barefoot and hurt myself.

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