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VIDEO: check out this six-year-old’s kick for an 800m meet record

Graci Gonzales kicked hard at the end of the girls' 800m to set a meet record in 3:00.60

girls 800m

The Olympics are about to start and there are bound to be several exciting races to watch when track starts next week, but sometimes you don’t have to look go to the highest level of sport to watch some great competition. Earlier this week a couple of six-year-old girls reminded us what a good ol’ fashioned foot race looks like, with little Graci Gonzales dropping the hammer in the last 30 metres to take the win in a meet record 3:00.60.

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The race was exciting from start to finish, with Gonzales and her fellow racer Trinity Irvins breaking away from the pack as they headed into the second lap. The pair went through 200m in an impressive 37 seconds, and continued to battle it out over the next lap and a half, swapping back and forth like it was the final two laps of a Nascar race. Coming into the final straightaway, it was impossible to tell who would be victorious, but in the last 30 metres Gonzales unleashed a monster finishing kick, pulling away from Irvins to take the win in a meet record 3:00.60. Irvins finished close behind her in 3:01.71, and both girls destroyed the former meet record of 3:06.50, set in 2018.

What’s perhaps even more impressive than these girls’ quick times was the way they carried themselves in the race. Their pace was remarkably even for kids that age, and they both looked smooth and strong the entire time. The girls’ composure grit was inspiring, and it goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere, even a couple of six-year-olds in an 800m race.

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