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VIDEO: This guy does a decathlon while wearing 100 t-shirts and it is awesome

And in the running scene's latest stunts...

So, this guy just invented what is quite possibly the running world’s weirdest challenge. (And in the year where the beer mile is mainstream and the blue jeans mile is gaining momentum, that’s saying something.) 

The latest and greatest of the Canadian track scene is to take on a decathlon while wearing 100 t-shirts. Kevin Nault, a decathlete who is behind the video blog One Track Mind, was up to that task earlier this week. Don’t ask us why because we don’t know. How and why does a person own this many shirts? That’s something we were wondering as well. 

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What we do know: this video offers 16 and a half minutes of pure joy. Seriously, it’s hilarious… and confusing but that’s besides the point. And bonus points for wearing the Athletics Canada top as the outer layer. This athlete seriously has a sense of humour.


This is probably the weirdest video you’ll see this week. (Cue the naysayer snarky comments…). Bets on whether or not this challenge takes off?