Canadian Running caught up with Justyn Knight in the week leading up to the NACAC Track and Field in the 6ix Championships. Knight will compete in the 5,000m against the likes of Riley Masters, and 2017 American 10,000m champion Hassan Mead of the USA. 

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After finishing collegiate running, Knight remained very quiet about where, and with whom, he would launch his professional running career. Knight choose the newly formed Reebok Track Club and head coach Chris Fox. Fox was Knight’s coach throughout university and the two seem to have developed a strong relationship. 

Knight is a young Canadian runner to watch. His deal with the Reebok Track Club is the start of something new for Knight, Fox and the running scene.

Many of Knight’s friends and family have watched his successes from afar, but this weekend’s championship gives Knight the opportunity to compete directly in front of his loved ones. Knight jokes about being a mama’s boy–competing in front of his family is very important to him. 

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In the 2017 World Championship final, Knight placed ninth and distinguished himself as one of the best in the world. He says, “I was most looking forward to racing Mo Farah. It was really cool to be around a bunch of pro athletes and see how they interact with each other.” Knight is now one of those pro athletes. Knight is entering a new and exciting chapter of his running career. 

Watch Knight Saturday evening in the NACAC men’s 5,000m final at 6:05 p.m. 

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