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VIDEO: Laura Muir dodges official who tries to block celebratory lap

Laura Muir dodges an official who tries to block her from completing a celebratory lap in this must-watch clip from the European championships.

Laura Muir

As a number of runners pointed out on Twitter, Laura Muir cannot be stopped. Not even after the race has concluded.

A race official at the European Indoor Track and Field Championships attempted to block the newly-minted 1,500m champion from performing a celebratory lap after her victory. After pleading to let her by to no avail, Muir sidestepped the official and successfully managed to run her well-deserved “lap of honour” on the 200m surface in Belgrade, Serbia.

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“I had to fight for that didn’t I? I’m not going to lose out on my lap of honour,” she says.

Following victories at major championships, it’s commonplace for athletes to run a lap of the track to celebrate their accomplishments. Typically, as was the case Saturday with Muir, athletes wave their country’s flag while waving to the crowd.

It appears that there was a sprint event, the women’s 400m, that was to proceed the women’s 1,500m, as there were starting blocks on the track, which may have been the reason for delaying Muir. She is from Scotland.

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Muir, 23, won the women’s 1,500m at the European championships in 4:02.39, a new championship and British indoor record. She finished seventh in the women’s 1,500m at the Rio Olympics and has been on a tear in 2017 setting new European 3,000m, British 5,000m, and British 1,000m indoor records.