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VIDEO: Man runs 3:59 mile tied to a dog

This takes man's best friend to a whole new level

Breaking four minutes in the mile is a huge feat on its own. Training yourself and a dog to break a four minute mile together is another thing entirely. 

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Anthony Famiglietti, two-time American Olympian and 3:55 miler, ran a sub-4 minute mile with Bailey the dog. The pair reportedly ran on a wheel-measured greenway on February 9. According to their YouTube channel, “This course measured just a bit longer than 5,280, which is exactly a mile. It measured 5,285 feet at the shortest possible route. Bailey took a longer route, as she did not always use the tangents. The wheel measurement of the course is in an additional video on this page.” February 9 was Bailey and Anthony’s first time meeting.

This is a very impressive effort from Famiglietti and Bailey the dog. The run is so impressive, it even got props from Malcolm Gladwell.

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Famiglietti is a steeplechase specialist who runs for Reckless Running. The 40-year-old told Outside Magazine in May of 2018 that he was looking to become one of the only men in history to run a sub-4 minute mile after hitting 40. And while his run on February 9 wasn’t a sanctioned race, he’s clearly in shape to do it on the track. Martin Huber wrote for Outside, “The three runners who belong in that exclusive latter group are Bernard Lagat, Eamonn Coghlan, and Anthony Whiteman. It’s worth noting that these men were all 1,500-meter specialists at one point in their careers.”

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