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WATCH: Florida high school runner gets sucker punched mid-race

Chris Rock wasn't the only man who took a surprise hit this weekend

Chris Rock wasn’t the only victim of a stealth assault over the weekend. A high school runner at a Florida track meet was sucker punched and knocked to the ground by another athlete during a 1,600m race. The video was originally posted on Emalm.com on March 28, with no background or description. (Warning: some language in the video is NSFW).

According to bystanders online, the man who threw the punch was standing on the track (not in the race), during the middle of the mile, and the runner shoved him out of the way on his first time around. This seems to have upset him, and he struck the runner in the head on his next lap. The runner who was hit finished the race.

Local police were called to the scene after the incident. At this time, no charges have been laid.

Bitch Slap Slapping GIF by La Guarimba Film Festival - Find & Share on GIPHY

Running is not known to be a contact sport, but there have been several altercations that have turned a track race into a boxing match.

As we all learned from the Will Smith and Chris Rock situation at the Oscars: if you’re insulted by someone else’s actions, it’s better not to react with violence.

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