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WATCH: Man celebrates 5K win and loses race

Here's what not to do when winning a race

Every so often a runner makes the mistake of over-celebrating their win before they cross the finish line. It’s always nice to win in style or to strike a sweet pose for Instagram, but a man at the Santander Run Series Villa Forma 5K race in Salvador, Brazil, took it too far.

As the runner was approaching the finishing tape, he got down on his hands and knees to kiss the finish line before he crossed it. It’s clear he did not see the other runner coming him before he started celebrating.

Upon further investigation, even though the man’s hands touched the tape before the second runner, the other runner’s body/race chip was the first to physically cross the finish line, which earned him the win.

French Olympian and 1,500m runner Jimmy Gressier has also developed a reputation for showboating before he wins a race, but so far it has not cost him the race.

European U23 Championships Running GIF by European Athletics - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hopefully, this is a lesson on what not to do when crossing the finish line.