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Weird workout trends that were surprisingly real

Jazzercise, goat yoga and vibrating belts. All tools people have used to stay fit over the years

In the realm of general fitness, there have been some workout trends that, in retrospect, were hilarious. From aerobics to slacklining, people have done it all. While workout trends come and go, here are a few that were all the rage in their time and could (maybe) serve as a fun cross-training method if you’re looking to shake up your routine. 

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It’s dancing, pilates, yoga and kickboxing all in one. What’s not to love? Jazzercise has also recently made a comeback, with lots of studios devoted to the exercise opening in North America. 

Goat Yoga


It’s yoga, but with a goat on top of you. This is a true yoga level-up. 

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The vibrating belt

According to The Washington Post, the vibrating belt was one of the earliest workout machines. All you have to do is put the belt over your body and turn the machine on. The more modern version is the vibrating platform

Aqua Spinning

Between added resistance and the cooling effect of water, aqua spinning is supposed to be even better than regular spinning. Apparently you can work harder and stay cooler than on a dry-land spin bike.