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What it looks like when triathletes and runners train together

This is what happens when the two sports cross over

Runners cross-train a lot and triathletes, obviously, have to be good at running. Because there’s some pretty considerable crossover between the two sports, runners and triathletes can end up doing some training together. But here’s the issue for the runner, they’re probably pretty bad at everything that isn’t running. 

If you’re considering using a triathlete as a training partner, you might want to watch these videos before you lock that down. 

Runner swimming with a triathlete

The truth is, unless a runner comes from a swimming background, they’re notoriously bad at it. If you’re cross-training for a day, your triathlete training partner may find you a little tedious.

But the partnership can work. Corey Bellemore is the beer mile world record holder, a national 1,500m medallist, and now, budding triathlete. Anyone who follows Bellemore’s social media presence knows he’s been spending a lot of time with long-course triathlete Lionel Sanders. Sanders was second at the 2017 Ironman World Championships and the winner of the 2017 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. 

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Runner cycling with a triathlete

The three biggest complaints about runners on a bike according to triathletes are: they never bring enough food, they’re terrible at pacing themselves and they only care about speed. But don’t let that discourage you from going for a spin with a triathlete, just pack a few extra snacks and take it easy in the first couple of kilometres.

Runner running with a triathlete

Finally, the event the runner is strongest at. This is your session to shine, but take it easy on your triathlete buddy like they hopefully did when you were struggling in the pool.