Yuki Kawauchi’s 2018 year in review

The Citizen Runner and Boston Marathon champion, who plans to turn pro in 2019, raced 12 marathons, 16 half-marathons, 2 ultras and a variety of shorter races in 2018

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2018 Boston Marathon winner Yuki Kawauchi is an extraordinarily prolific racer. He has always claimed running more (and longer) than other elite marathoners is his secret weapon, and though he struggled in the fall and didn’t podium in any other major marathons this year, he scored 17 wins overall and set four course records–not bad for one year’s work.

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Even Kawauchi’s detractors can’t argue with the sheer volume of his accomplishments. According to Japan Running News, His win at Japan’s Hofu Yomiuri Marathon on December 16 represented his 75th sub-2:20, 40th sub-2:13, 25th sub-2:12, and 20th sub-2:11 finish.

Yuki Kawauchi
Photo: Geoffrey Burns/Twitter

Kawauchi plans to quit his job and become a full-time professional runner in 2019. For those of you who follow his career, here’s a look back at his activity and results over the past 12 months, courtesy of Japan Running News.


Marshfield New Year’s Day Marathon, U.S.A.: 2:18:59–1st, course record
Okukuma Road Race Half Marathon, Kumamoto: 1:03:28–7th
Yashio Isshu Ekiden, Saitama: 1:01:03–1st (Kawauchi ran the entire 20K Ekiden solo and beat all 103 teams of six runners each)
Okumusashi Ekiden First Stage (9.9 km), Saitama: 29:41–6th

Yuki Kawauchi
Photo: @CGreeny_11/Twitter


Saitama Ekiden Third Stage (12.1 km), Saitama: 36:54–4th
Kitakyushu Marathon, Fukuoka: 2:11:46–1st, course record
Fukaya City Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:04:26–1st


Kanaguri Hai Tamana Half Marathon, Kumamoto: 1:04:49–12th
Yoshinogawa Riverside Half Marathon, Tokushima: 1:05:50–1st, course record
Wan Jin Shi Marathon, Taiwan: 2:14:12–1st
Heisei Kokusai University Time Trials, Saitama
         5000 m Heat 4: 14:53.95–1st
         5000 m Heat 6: 14:36.58–2nd
         5000 m Heat 8: 14:37.78–8th
Kuki Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:10:03–2nd (Kawauchi ran dressed in a panda costume)

Yuki Kawauchi
Photo of Kawauchi racing in 2016: @ayespeko via Twitter.

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Satte Sakura 10-Miler, Saitama: 49:17–1st
Boston Marathon, U.S.A.: 2:15:58–1st
Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon, Gifu: 1:04:35–14th
Kawauchi no Sato Kaeru Half Marathon, Fukushima: 1:05:56–1st

yuki kawauchi
Photo: Andreyzverev under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license


Kasukabe Otako Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:05:45–2nd
Toyohiragawa Half Marathon, Hokkaido: 1:06:39–1st
Sendai International Half Marathon, Miyagi: 1:03:41–7th
Yatsugatake Nobeyama Kogen 71 km Ultramarathon, Nagano: 4:41:55–1st, course record
Kinshuko Half Marathon, Iwate: 1:07:49–1st

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Photo: GCMarathon, Instagram


Stockholm Marathon, Sweden: 2:22:57–4th
Okinoshima 50 km Ultramarathon, Shimane: 2:52:55–1st


Gold Coast Marathon, Australia: 2:14:51–9th
Kushiro Shitsugen 30 km, Hokkaido: 1:34:34–1st


Nemuro Seaside Half Marathon, Hokkaido: 1:06:39–1st
New Caledonia International Marathon, New Caledonia: 2:18:18–1st

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Noumea (Capital City of New Caledonia)


Wakkanai Heiwa Marathon, Hokkaido: 2:24:55–2nd
Ichinoseki International Half Marathon, Iwate: 1:07:31–7th


Bank of America Chicago Marathon, U.S.A.: 2:16:26–19th
Namerikawa Half Marathon, Toyama: 1:05:18–1st
Takashimadaira Road Race 20 km, Tokyo: 1:00:48–2nd
Huawei Venice Marathon, Italy: 2:27:43–7th


Nasu Shiobara Half Marathon, Tochigi: 1:05:03–1st
Ageo City Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:02:49–14th
Hasuda Road Race 3 km, Saitama: 8:40–1st


Fukuoka International Marathon, Fukuoka: 2:12:03–10th
Hofu Yomiuri Marathon, Yamaguchi: 2:11:29–1st