Getting the right sports bra can be a daunting task for many runners. With spring 2017 bringing us many fun new sports bras suited for all kinds of runners, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore the best of the bunch. This spring, keep an eye out for our running bra reviews to find your next go-to. For tips on how to get the right sports bra, see here

Under Armour Shape Printed High Impact Bra

Price: $69.99 

Category: High impact

Featured this week is a cute, printed bra that Under Armour has in store for runners this year. For female runners shopping to find a good running bra, you’re going to want to go with a high impact bra. Many brands use the words “high impact” loosely so it’s important to make sure that the bra is what it says it is or your comfort gets sacrificed. The first thing that runners need to know about the Shape High Impact bra, is that it is high support and will fit securely on the run. 

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How we tested it

To preface some of the claims here, note that we tested this one during a variety of physical activities: running, climbing and yoga. Because we wore it through various workouts, our testers felt that it’s fair to call this a good quality, bra that can be worn for a variety of activities. If you’re the girl who balances a schedule of yoga classes, barre, hard interval sessions and kickboxing, this is a reliable one to throw in the gym bag. 

Features we like

This sports bra comes in a woman’s specific cup/band sizes. For many runners, this is essential. If you’re someone who has difficulties finding a proper fit with traditional small, medium and large sized bras, having a more specific sizing system scraps those frustrations. This one comes in cup sizes from A to DD with band sizes ranging from 32 to 38. Because of this, it’s more likely that runners can get that proper fit and thus, feel supported on the run.

It’s worth noting that the cups are molded to give shape and offer support however an underwire has not been included in the design– which is great if you feel a wire restricts movement. The support here is much more sophisticated than round inserts found in many athletic bras. Many brands struggle to find a happy medium between creating a bra that’s supportive without giving runners a bra that feels too padded and heavy. Under Armour has found that balance here (as in, don’t worry about heavy padding becoming sweat-logged). 

The straps on this one are wide so they’re less likely to dig or cause irritation on the shoulders. Wide straps are also generally stronger. For narrow-shouldered runners, it can also be adjusted to be a cross-strapped bra. No need to worry about it slipping as you’re focused on those hill repeats. 

Lookin’ good!

Also worth mentioning: style. We adore the print on the Shape Printed Bra. It’s cute and interesting and definitely caught our eye. Once the practicalities of a quality sports bra have been dealt with, you want it to look good. Whether you’re wearing it at your next interval session, or underneath a loose tank top at your next yoga class, you’re bound to turn heads!


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