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12 trail running podcasts for your next run

If you're looking for a change from your old tunes, check these out for guaranteed lessons and laughs

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If you’re listening to Taylor Swift for your trail tempos, then we recommend podcasts for easy or longer runs. These days, there are more podcasts to choose from than gel flavours. Whether you want to learn more about trail running, make a training plan, change up your nutrition strategy, or listen to Jim Walmsley talk about his latest course record, there is something for everyone. Although not an extensive list, here are 12 podcasts for every type of trail run: 

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1. Becoming Ultra

Host Scott Jones may be the one of the nicest and most down-to-earth guys in the trail running community. He believes every human being is capable of accomplishing their goals. Each show varies from interviews to training tips, to nutrition advice, to inspirational stories, and more. The podcast is the perfect mix of entertainment and learning.


2. TrailManners

TrailManners podcast promotes stories, learning, beer and cheese curds for the average trail runner. It explores all things trail running through interviews, gear reviews, race reports, contests, and unending entertainment.  

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3. Billy Yang Podcast

Trail runner and filmmaker Billy Yang has migrated over to the podcast world. Yang has one-on-one conversations with prolific and rising trail runners, ultrarunners, athletes, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Topics focus around what moves and inspires these human beings. 







4. Trail Running Women

Canadian super athlete and host Hilary Spires talks to inspiring women around the world about their journey in trail running. This podcast will make you laugh, cry, and feel motivated long after the episode. Women share their stories about running, racing, and life. When the host’s last name doubles as mountain terminology, you know you’re in the right place. Spires also offers expert advice in training and coaching. 






5. IRun4Ultra

Host Linda Sanders interviews inspiring trail and ultrarunning athletes from around the world. Get inside knowledge and tips from Courtney Dauwalter, Rob Krar, Ellie Greenwood, Gene Dykes, and more.

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6. Humans of Ultrarunning

200-mile queen Candice Burt shares interviews and stories from the world’s most extreme athletes. Their conversations go beyond training and racing, and dive into the emotional and psychological side of running ultra distances. Burt explores the depths of human experience through running really, really far. 






7. The Science of Ultra

Host Dr. Shawn Bearden gets geeky about ultramarathon physiology and psychology. Bearden interviews leading scientists, coaches, and athletes teaching us everything we want to know about training, nutrition, hydration, environment, gear, and more. 







8. Ten Junk Miles

A mixed (drop) bag of lighthearted conversations about road, trail, and ultrarunning. The show runs with you and is divided into 10 segments–one for each mile. Every 10 minutes the hosts move on to a different topic. 







9. Ultrarunnerpodcast 

Ultrarunnerpodcast is one of the oldest and largest podcasts dedicated to ultra trail running. Host Eric Schranz has something for everyone with over 500 episodes with runners, coaches, dieticians, entrepreneurs, and rock stars. Each episode is about an hour lung with new shows every week. 






10. Running Divine 

Based in Ontario, host Stephanie Bales aims to connect trail-focused athletes on and off the trail. Conversations begin about running and venture into inspiring topics as guests share their stories. 








11. Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation shares stories, knowledge, and advice to the trail running community. Relevant topics such as race nutrition, pacing strategy, and mental focus are covered from well respected members of the global trail running community. Geared toward trail runners of all abilities and levels.



12. The Shakeout Podcast

Technically not trail running-specific, but our national champion and lovely host Kate Van Buskirk interviews running athletes from all disciplines. The Shakeout Podcast will have you learning, laughing, and reminding you why you fell in love with running in the first place. Brought to you by the editors of Canadian Running Magazine, this show aims to inform, entertain, and inspire runners across the country.

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