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The latest from the 2018 Barkley Marathons

Updates from on the ground at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee

2018 Barkley Marathons
Photo: Michael Doyle.

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Barkley Marathons race director Gary ‘Lazarus Lake’ Cantrell’s curve ball for this year’s race was that the Tennessee 100-miler would be held one week prior to April Fool’s weekend.

The bizarre trail race in Frozen Head State Park began on Saturday morning and the small field of runners have 60 hours to try and finish five 20-mile loops through mountainous and challenging terrain. In more than 30 years, just 15 people have finished the race.

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Notably, Canadian Gary Robbins is in search of an elusive finish after posting DNFs in 2016 and 2017. Canadian Running is on site in the Wartburg, Tenn. area and these are notable updates from the race so far.

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The 2018 Barkley Marathons got underway at 9:33 a.m. on March 24. Runners have 60 hours to complete the 100-mile ultramarathon.

Gary Robbins is the first to finish the first of five 20-mile loops at approximately 6:12 p.m. on March 24.

Robbins spent seven minutes fuelling and recovering between loops one and two.

Others follow shortly through the end of loop one including Jamil Coury and Canadian Jodi Isenor.

The first woman through loop one is Amelia Boone, one of the most accomplished OCR athletes in the world.

2018 Barkley Marathons
Photo: Michael Doyle.

Canadian Stephanie Case finishes loop one.

Robbins finishes loop two on the morning (8:38 a.m. local time) of March 25. “Everything that could go wrong went wrong,” Robbins said of loop two.

Runners reported lightning and heavy rain on course, which subsided on Sunday morning.

This was the scene on Sunday morning in camp.

2018 Barkley Marathons
Photo: Michael Doyle.

As of 10:16 a.m., 11 runners are on loop two while three are on loop three. To finish a ‘fun run’ (three loops), one must complete the 60 miles in 40 hours or less. However to continue onto loop four, a runner be under the 36-hour mark.

How the cutoffs work.

A fourth runner heads onto loop three.

A fifth runner heads onto loop three.

Time cut-off for loop two arrives.

Robbins reaches Rat Jaw, a notable climb, on loop three. John Kelly, the 15th finisher of the Barkley Marathons, and Robbins’s wife Linda meet him at Rat Jaw.

Notables arrive back at camp after loop two, but well above time limit.

Two remain in the race.

No finishers. Read ‘Zero Finishers at the 2018 Barkley Marathons’ here.

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