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6 running hacks from organized trail runners

Trail running secrets for your next adventure or race

The organized trail runner. Sounds like an oxymoron or some mythical creature. Usually, Saturday mornings are spent frantically organizing gear for an adventure, but they don’t have to be. Simplify your training, racing, and adventuring with these running hacks. Being more organized on the trails is not just a myth. 

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1. Save electrolyte tubes for measuring and transporting powder calories. 

Pre-measure powder and put into tubes for your next long run or race. The tubes are easier to find in your running pack, rather than fumbling around for powder in ziplock bags. Plus, you’ll look organized and efficient at the aid station. 

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2. Use your collapsible cup as a to-go container

Want to eat all of the food at the aid station? But also want to make the cutoff? Use your collapsible cup for cookies and other treats. Extra fuel later in the race will be easy to find in your pack. Since many races are going cupless, having a cup around is handy for both liquids and solids.  

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3. Put soap leaves in your running pack

Wash your hands before diving into the chip bowl at the aid station, if clean hands is your thing. They’re also great for when the port-a-potty runs out of sanitizer. The light and small dry leaves wash your hands with no mess. 

4. Contact lens case for sunscreen and anti-chafe 

How did Becky Bates win her age category at UTMB-CCC this year? With a contact lens case full of lube. Smart trail runners know you can never have enough lube for long runs. Organized trail runners carry contact lens cases with them. Cut in half if you just want one of the containers. Don’t forget to put them in your pack for your next adventure. 

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5. Duct tape on a sharpie

Dirtbag runners know that duct tape solves most problems. Wrap the tape around a sharpie for endless solutions. Put it in a drop bag for your next ultra race. Your crew will thank you for this helpful hack. 

6. Buffs for books or tablets 

Trail runners take their introvert time seriously. Whether you are traveling to a race, or live out of your van, protect your belongs with old buffs. No excuse to unwind after a long day on the trails.

Simplify your training, racing, and adventuring with these trail running hacks. The organized trail runner may not be some mythical creature after all.