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Adam Campbell withdraws from Hardrock 100

Canadian's last-minute withdrawal allows Western States-Hardrock double record-holder Jeff Browning off the wait list and into the race

Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell
Photo: John Price.

Eleven days before the race, Canadian ultrarunner Adam Campbell has withdrawn from this year’s Hardrock 100. The celebrated runner had a near-fatal mountain fall in 2016, breaking his back and pelvis and suffering numerous other injuries. This spring, less than two years later, Campbell finished third at the Lijiang Skyview Adventure in China.

Campbell says he pulled out for various reasons having to do with a combination of his busy travel schedule (he is leading run clinics in Chamonix and Squamish), the resultant lack of training, and family obligations. “I respect the race too much to do it undertrained,” says Campbell.

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Campbell’s withdrawal yesterday made it possible for Jeff Browning of Bend, Oregon to move from the waitlist to the start list. Browning was fifth at Western States late last month, and could be a serious contender at Hardrock, certainly in terms of the “double,” for which he holds the record, set in 2016.

The existing record at the time was 43:33, and after Browning’s third-place finish at Western States he needed to finish Hardrock in under 26:20. He got it done in 25:42.

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Campbell finished Hardrock last year, less than a year after the accident. His finish was the subject of an emotional video you can see here. At 33 hours and change, it was a somewhat slower race than he’s accustomed to, but Campbell was happy he could still walk.

“I am really happy Jeff gets the spot,” says Campbell “He is so deserving, and will have an awesome race after his great Western [States].”

Watch for a more extensive preview of who to watch at Hardrock next week.